Connect Groups are a perfect place to meet people, find prayer support and have some fun with others!

You are welcome to try a few groups to see who you connect with the best. Groups vary with times, interest and locations. Each group involves kids differently, please make contact with any questions! See a list of leaders below and their email address for more info.  

  • Dwight & Robin Trotter

    • Contact: robin_trotter@yahoo.com

    • When: Evenings, 3rd Sunday of the month

    • Location: Paradise

  • Dave & Jocelyn Cramton

    • Contact: jdcramton@yahoo.com

    • When: Evenings, 2nd Sunday

    • Location: Decatur

  • Holly Ann Petree (Women's Prayer Group)

    • Contact: hollyann@addyshope.com

    • When: Evenings, 2nd and 4th Sunday

    • Location: Decatur

  • Pastors Ben & Lauren Burrows

    • Contact: pastorben@theriverfamily.com

    • When: Evenings, 1st Saturday of the month

    • Location: Decatur

They were continually and faithfully devoting themselves to the instruction of the apostles, and to fellowship, to eating meals together and to prayers. - Acts 2:42